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Bulls Head review

4 Mill Street,
Tel: 01260 273388

Review by Webmaster
Date: 14th June 2003

The Bulls Head is a recently refurbished hotel in the centre of Congleton. There is a very good food menu available with plenty of room allocated for dining.
To the rear of the pub there is a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The TV shows all the major sporting events and is especially worshiped by the towns gambling fraternity, who can watch their money going down the pan in glorious Technicolor.
The bar area is of a very modern design and gives the pub an open feeling.
Of the tree cask bitters on offer I tried "Hubble Bubble" and was not disapointed. It was clear as a bell and had a great fruity taste, so good in fact that I had to try another couple "just to make sure it was not a fluke"
At weekends and on some week nights the pub puts on entertainment. This can be in the form of a disco or a live act. These nights are well received and very busy.