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Date: 11th Feb 2008


Seeing as the kids were on holiday from school today we decided that we would do lunch. We decided that we would try the “new pub” The Maskery for a change.

The pub occupies a large area on Swan Bank that is decorated in a modem contemporary style. There are numerous flat panel Samsung LCD TV’s around the pub that show Sky TV as well as a very large projection screen that is utilised for live football at the weekends mostly. At these times the pub gets very busy and unfortunately the standards slip and Manchester City supporters do slip though the net and get in. In fact yesterday the standards were so low that an ex City player was in the pub too. Note to owner, must try harder.

Feeling a bit rough from the above mentioned Sunday session I was not up to trying the bitter and opted for the less daunting lager. It was cold and fizzy.

Now to the food or lack of it. We ordered our meals not long after sitting down at our table and subsequently chatted, squabbled and fought amongst ourselves. After over forty-five minutes none of our food had arrived. Not a good first impression then on the service. We asked the waitress why our food had not arrived and she said she did not know but seeing that we had waited so long would we like a complimentary coffee or tea. I declined and explained that I was in the establishment with a view to writing a review on the place for this website. She looked a little perplexed at this so I asked her if it would be possible to speak to the manager. He duly arrived and explained that there was an oversight in the kitchen and that our food would arrive shortly. He apologised and said that the kitchen staff had been made aware of their error and offered us all a free round of drinks as an apology. He handled the matter very professionally and courteously in my opinion and so turned my review of the premises around one hundred percent. It is when things don’t go quite right that you can judge the customer service of a company and this young chap (I must have sperm that are older than him) was bob on. The illusive food by the way was great and a great price to boot.




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