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Review by Webmaster

Date: 22th May 2003


The Counting House is a pretty new pub to Congleton. Its name comes from the fact that building previously was a bank (it was originally a pub called the Wolf's Head and later the Morton Arms in the 1800's)

It is of the "cheap and cheerful" type of pub that is springing up everywhere. It is owned by J D Wetherspoons and is a very large building indeed, with the walls having prints of old Congleton all over them.

Food is offered at a very reasonable price and the same can be said of the beer. They offer a large selection of cask ale's but sadly I find most of them are hard to drink due to their taste, smell and appearance. Other pubs in the town offer the same ale's and they taste totally different.

The pubs main customer base is the bottle drinking youngster about town, though there are a few older patrons during the day due to the very cheap prices. In the evenings at weekends the place is full of young drinkers and quite a few people going for the "oldest swinger in town" award.


Review by Webmaster

Date: 14th June 2003


Tried two of the bitters on offer today, with mixed results. The first pint was called "Spitfire" and was clear and not bad tasting

The second pint was called "Nemmo" or something similar and it was foul. Not only could you not see through it but it tasted "off". I asked for the pint to be changed and was told "it looks alright to me" by the young lad behind the bar. He obviously would not know a good pint of bitter if it smacked him in the face "now there's a thought". He walked away not even bothering to offer a replacement.

I next asked one of the barmaids to change the beer so she pulled some more ale through the pump but the resulting pint still looked like swamp water and smelt like vinegar.

I bid them a very good day and left the beer on the bar. Reminding myself that luckily not all English industries employ half-wits that have no idea about the service they should offer or the product that they sell.

Minus Star


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