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Review by Webmaster

Date: 22th May 2003


The Beartown Tap offers the best range of beers in the Congleton area from Congleton's own award winning Beartown Brewery beers to the best offerings from all over Europe.

The prices of the drinks at the pub make it one of the best value watering holes in town. Add to this the fact that the licensee knows how to keep and serve a decent pint and you will see why this pub is so good.

The pub is very comfortable and quiet compared to most pubs due to the fact that it does not have a juke box, TV or one-armed bandit. So if you go there you can learn the art of conversation again "something that the pub designers are trying to get rid of in the modern pubs"

The age of the average customer is 30+ as it is this age group that know what a good pint should taste and look like.




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